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You should really visit Janesville, WI. 4. 6. The cost of living and price of housing is to high for many middle income, working class families and retired persons. This is our seventh time ranking the … Where I live, the median home price is over $650,000. Average pay for California state workers has risen by 100 percent from 2005 to 2012, and 120 percent from 2012-2015. This amounts to almost 7 billion dollars per year. A horrible day for Texas. (healthier peeps means LESS fcuking health care co$t$. The first was in 2011, when Trump donated $5,000. It’s a shame. We used science to determine which places in The Golden State are the real pits. So yeah, we do get some fires. In fact, LA is now known as the “City of Rats” as its nickname. I’m not going to waste my time checking out and no doubt laughing my ass off at whatever conspiracy- driven, unproven or unimplementable ideas you’ve got for education and “radical alternative energy,” but I’m pretty certain they are far from the utopian solutions you’re hallucinating them to be. The end of times may be a bit of a reach, but those of the conservative establishment do hearken to liberal culture as the precursor of many of the social ills within our communities. 80. Go to Texas instead. 10) Arnold is out of office. In 2015, the state of California ranked 50th out of all 50 states in new business creation. Sorry to say, Liberals are realists. Nick James, RoadSnacks January 6, 2020 - 1,047,659 views . In fact, driving through Palo Alto was the first time I’d ever seen a Tesla dealership because only in Silicon Valley would there exist a person who can afford to buy an all-electric car that starts at $60,000. California has historically had the third highest unemployment rate of any state, and has the highest under-employment rate. I have lived in California since 1980. Crowded. Most solutions to that state’s problems include: Kamala Harris: 4 Things The California Senator Has Said About Joe Biden Ahead Of Vice Presidential Pick. The men in town chased the punks and beat the snot out of them. Go, you. They have a Dunkin' Donuts! Where I live we had one break in, in the last 10 years. Criminal gang activity is a very serious problem in California: many neighborhoods are literally terrorized by gang activity. And unlike Florida, it doesn't come with 98% humidity. California’s heavy tax burden has caused concerns among many about the financial ability of many families to realistically reside in the state. Literally, millions of things you could be doing. View Comments. I don’t bother them they don’t bother me. And the Mexican-American War, come one is he just IGNORANT, we all know that from 1910-1925 during the Mexican Revolution things where much more violent around the border. The first was in 2011, when Trump donated $5,000. 62. 8 Extremely Weird Things Only People From Southern California Do. Remember the HUGE tornado outbreak in the south and in Missouri? Depending on where in California you call home, traffic might also be a fixture in your life. If you disagree then f*** you and the horse you rode in on. 29. For Employers; Unlock Employer Account ; Sign In to Employer Center; Employer Branding; Job Advertising; Employer … Other States Are Going To Judge You, Hard . Police brutality is everywhere. 47. 15. 1.5 out of 10 drivers in the state do not have car insurance. 6) Funny how many companies make their homes here in CA despite our “high Taxes”. 5) Graduate to a flat tax and just tax CONSUMPTION It’s like many places in the US, in the suburban areas where many poor people live. Please never ever come to California. Last updated on December 27th, 2020. 48. 67. To qualify, the family income must fall below 185% of the poverty line. We know things are bad. Bad things about California? And don’t worry – if you drive an electric car they’ll still charge you a $100 annual fee for “offsetting your gas taxes”. The border by san diego is the most heavily policed border in the U.S. Don’t Californicate the rest of the nation. So if someone is mowing down innocent people or trying to run over police, LEO’s are not authorized to shoot them. It’s a great place to see. The state of California had the worst “small business failure rate” in America in 2010. Speaking of unconventional places to eat, if you like dinosaurs as much as … Liberals are ruining the economy not republicans. CA’s School system has problems not because of the Unions, but because of like 5 Republican Governors who have worked hard to defund CA’s Education system. Badwater. I live in Northern California and can say beyond a doubt all of these are 100% true. … seriously considering UCSD over UCLA and Cal - I just want a more complete … Calfornia is the perfect world! after that, don’t worry. And if your own dog bites you, you will be fined. Its a long story but I am not even in Los Angeles and this place is hell on earth. Experts predict that at some point in the future there will be a major shift of tectonic plates resulting in a catastrophic level earthquake. California's worst state park would be the #1 tourist attraction in Illinois or Indiana. Let me tell you I've been all over the US and I love living in California. It is in the Pacific Region of the United States. So why the fcuk do you have an ACTOR running your state? At least in cali where they started the police have practice dealing with them. But, if It helps to keep dumbasses who believe this ish out, then I’m all for It. I’d rather deal with a minor tremble for 10 seconds than a tornado or hurricane. California has been no stranger to keeping this list growing over the years. Ive lived here all my life and only felt two earthquakes that did no damage. People lose houses. 25. Rodney King and others). It never fails! But it’s indisputable after Gov. 4 is the perpetuation of LA life, through Hollywood, that is unfortunate, but not because it has perturbed LA's reputation. (Yet still has the 13th highest gun murder rate per capita and the 9th lowest gun ownership as % of population). Now his budget needs to account for a deficit he estimated at $54 billion. SHARE. Several antifa thugs traveled to Yucaipa, California this week to try to stir up some trouble. Air pollution is way down so much so that there aren't "smog" days anymore and most days are clear. You're absolutely right. We haven’t allowed the logging companies to log out all of our trees yet. I would worry more about cities where you don’t hear about the occasional case, those are departments that have something to hide. the. What a sad world we live in , U guys must be kidding! Prisoners are NOT being released due to budget constraints. When you find a place in this world that has no natural disasters, no gang violence, and no crime, why don't you let me know? Cali is ranked 48th in “Overall Freedom” by Cato in FI5 (2018) which analyzes states by the policies that shape personal and economic freedom. Sadly, an astounding 58.6 percent of all students attending California public schools now qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches. From the cold , rainy, negative uk …. Since 2007, the number of children living in poverty in the state of California has been steadily increasing. 16. Since it's all over the place. That's horrible . What a complete plant , this person is good reason to stay away! university studios. Gavin Newsom said Monday that he’s been having … California is incredibly lawsuit happy, coming in as one of the Top 5 “Lawsuit Climate” states. just awsome weather. Latest line: A good week for Eddie Garcia, bad one for California Retired San Jose police chief selected to same job in Dallas. Angelica Cabral. You have to pay to not license your vehicle. You won't see stupid / funny / clever things like Stanford's band or Caltech's many pranks at USC. BAD things about UCSD? If you come from a state where rain/water is plentiful, having to monitor how much water you use could be inconvenient. Salinas Californian . The absolutely insane California state legislature. The reason you heard about it in CA is because we are doing stuff about it. (Note from editor: Yes I am aware the video I included was taken from Predator, not Terminator, but it was so good!). Things To Do. I dont regret living in California, because it is truly a beautiful place and the weather truly is beautiful. Don’t freak out we updated this article for 2021. What is wrong with this country?” the offender said, according to the police report. Prop 47 has resulted in a virtual get out of jail free card. The resulting disparity has crippled any number of programs, especially those aimed at helping the poor – placing even more people in potentially dire circumstances. Newsom on Wednesday: “Our values will not change. Illegals control the state. The public schools are definitely becoming poor in … A horrible man-made incident in … 69. It’s like a horror movie “in real.” Just wonder what tourists think? Death Valley is the lowest point in North America. Yes taxes might be higher in cali than the midwest but so is minimum wage. Nothing to really worry about. Good post, I’m thinking of coming to cal for a three month period to look into perhaps longer term relocation with my family ( young) …. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! 73. Mind boggling. One California town is actually considering making it illegal to smoke in your own backyard. Wildfires, mudslides, and impending giant earthquake. WHERE THE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE BETTER THAN ANYONE…………….. I’m a Canadian from the Caribbean (Barbados) but I think I’d totally dig Cali. Posted on 11/21/2020 9:34 pm. The definition of totalitarianism: “Totalitarianism is a political concept where the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to control every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible“. 26. SHARE. 2. 7. Earthquakes happen a couple times a year but you barely feel them. You are taxed from your paycheck, taxed when you buys stuff and taxed in february. Then there is all the stuff to do. We have the best weather out of any other state. There was a the known gang member near Palm Springs who had been caught with a stolen gun valued at $625 and then reacted incredulously when the arresting officer explained that he would not be taken to jail but instead written a citation. 22. Hipsterville, USA? I've lived in many, many other states and California is way better in many regards. ), you will probably need a car in California. (California ranked #46.) It reminds me when people think the Middle East is a war zone and you go to half the countries and there is ZERO crime. I’ve lived in cali for 30 years and nothing on this list is true. Keep the recommendations coming folks!). California has the 9th highest corporate income tax rate in the country. 5. Police are forced to “catch and release” people that are caught with heroin, meth, crack, etc. These Mexican gangsters have no interest in testing the military strength of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texan rangers. Here are 8 weird SoCal habits or behaviors that we … And those happen more often in the states that are prone to those. While voters have continually voted down higher tax proposals that have made it to the ballot, California is still leading the nation in a number of tax categories: income taxes (2nd), corporate taxes (8th), and sales tax (13th), to name a few. The weather is great and you can see Mickey Mouse do his thing at Disneyland. 75. Account Settings; Sign In; Notifications. Quantifying the evidence is not necessary. Simply, the state has more expenses than it does revenue. Southwest Houston TX Apartment Shooting. If you’d like to buy us a cup of tea, click here. @ twittercupcakecutie589. there’s gangs everywhere in every state no matter what. Residential customers in California pay about 50 percent more for electricity than the national average. If it isn’t enough to be surrounded by hostile politicians and communists, you also have the luxury of dealing with all of these issues discussed below. Bad things keep piling on — when is enough enough in... Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest. It's great news that the vaccine has started to get distributed, but I think we will have a tough couple of … Yes liberals are killing this country and the world as a whole but they are everywhere including the white house. And certainly, there are many tourist attractions to see and participate in. Because of the drought, fire is a bigger hazard here than most places. 20. California grapes are Very SOUR !!! If  the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile are any indication, then a major shake hitting such populated areas as LA, San Diego and San Francisco would have horrific consequences. not to mention Hollywood. He wasn’t a bad governor for a Republican. California is often portrayed as a great place to visit. The houses that crumble into the ocean are because some arrogant rich @$$hole decided he wanted to build his house right on the cliff without thinking of the consequences of weather. BTW all of the reasons listed as to not live in CA are total BS. It's 75 today and if I want I can take the kids to the beach or head up to the mountains to throw snowballs. The only good reason on this list was earthquakes but the east coast has hurricanes all the time which is much worse. There is a brewing war zone festering on the southern border of the U.S. that threatens to spill over and engulf California in the ensuing blood bath. 3) Build an economy around Industrial Hemp In the past decade, over 5 million people left California with only 3.9 million moving in. Today, when he proposes a revised state budget, Gov. Nothings sacred. The occasional shake is common enough that many Californians don’t think much of it, aside from having to replace the odd broken dish. Things have gotten so bad in Stockton, California that the police union put up a billboard with the following message: "Welcome to the 2nd most dangerous city in California. 36. Second, this list goes for southern California, not the entire state. Yesterday Gov. There are the “bad things” that affect the self (e.g., demon drink, gambling, tobacco), and those that affect others (e.g., divorce, knife fights, sex slavery). 1. Wow. The #1 reason to live in California that trumps all 10 b.s. “But I had a gun. There are millions of things to do in California. These masses of gangs aren't localized directly in California. Of these, while I do not know the statistical figure (though your task should have delegated you the responsibility of providing one), I am up-to-date well enough on current events to know that more people die fighting fires than those who cross its path. Badwater. Because of (Again, Prop 47) California laws, any theft under $900 is also a required “catch and release”. You forgot he fruits and nuts. Stay in FL please.. California sucks beyond belief.. worst mistake I ever made and I came from FL too.. its more than likely better where you are. California was ranked dead last (#50 out of 50 states) in “Quality of Life” by a U.S. News Study published this year. Four strangers check in at the El Royale Hotel. although an expensive state to live in. WHY I NEVER WILL LIVE IN SOUTH CALIF.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's very difficult to not live in an area that might be plagued by these problems. See Let’s take a walk through the modern day reality of The California Socialist Republic and discover 50 Reasons Why California Sucks! Bad things: Traffic in urban areas. California is like a country so making one statement about it is pretty stupid. Good luck Cali citizens. Ya don’t need utility companies providing you with EXPENSIVE energy! This is an outsiders view California based on a CNN report. Housing costs are expensive in many areas but not all. I've lived here my whole life and none of these things have ever been an issue. Cali implemented a zero-bail policy amid COVID-19 which has worked out how you would expect: one California man was arrested three times over the course of just 12 hours, including for leading officers on a pursuit, and only given citations and released due to the new policy. To answer your question: yes, Portland really is like it’s portrayed on Portlandia (although it is much more.) Mexico couldn't afford to support the California missions after that. This occurred because of illegals using the healthcare and not paying for insurance or services, hospitals closing down, and increased costs on providers. 2.It's easy to avoid gang problems and Detroit has the highest murder rate out of any city in the US. John King Aug. 22, 2020 Updated: Aug. 25, 2020 8:01 a.m. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest SOME PARTS OF CALIFORNIA IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE BUT I HAVEN’T FOUND IT YET……… But I am in favor of anything that deters similar minded people from flocking to my beautiful state. 9) We do have a lot of forested areas. Here are 15 things to know before moving to California. Just be thankful for what u got and try to move on…you. I have lived here for 40+ years and there have been big fires, but none ever came near to the big population centers. The Mexican government has called on the U.S .to assist with narcotic interdiction on the American side of the border. It’s also BS. More people lose houses to Tornados and Hurricanes though. people think of Cali as a scary place due to the earthquakes when you never feel them. I am currently living in CALIFORNIA and I can tell you that some of this is exaggerated but most simply is not true, I have lived in New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Miami, all of those cities have some crime, and more expensive places, but I have met some of the kindest people in CA. In southern California near the ocean, anyway. But you’ll find democrats in every state so theres no difference in cali. Racial tension between the Chinese, Mexican, and African-Americans Despite the anti-slavery law, miners still enslaved Native Americans. first of all trump does not have anything to do with this situation not being mean kinda but, If you read the title it is the top tenz which mean why california is a bad place to live in most likely because of earthquakes and from my opinion I do not like trump at all he is crazzy and he will never make America Great Again and who knows something might happen to him while in the WHITE HOUSE just speaking my opinion about a couple of things and trust me i do not me no hurt harm or danger by saying this thanks have a nice day, I mean come on for the mature people on this cite how in the world do u know if california is a bad place if you never lived or stayed there gotta think before u say things # Catch me outside how bout dat !!!!!!!!!!!! I visited San Diego and Costa Mesa and now I’m in love with the state, I trying to move to Cali, trying to find efficiencies or roommates. 12. The big draw in California is the ridiculous weather. Colloidal silver is toxic and foolish to ingest. to quote Dave Eggers, have you ever f*&#ing BEEN to California? Watching my chandelier sway just shakes me to my very core. 79. Bad things keep piling on — when is enough enough in the Bay Area? SHARE. This is no longer the case with the brewing drug war that is taking place in Tijuana – a Mexican town just south of the California border with Mexico. Want attractive women? 46. Hemp oil cures cancer? I love California, but your hippie nonsense is laughable. Can't control the freaking weather now can we? One Worker Calls Company 'Cultish' By Wesley Dockery 05/23/20 AT 2:14 PM. These are all dumb reasons . Offenses range from $1,000 to 6 months jail time for EACH plastic straw provided. Come to, Brazil, and then u will know what poverty, criminals, gangs and …taxes, actually are! According to the Milken Institute, operating costs for California businesses are 23 percent higher than the national average. Replies to: Bad things about UCLA #1. mikemac 10646 replies 154 threads Senior Member. My Nissan … 43. These same scientists that say this believe in global warming which has been proven false. Naturally, the best of plans tend to go awry when a government entity is involved and dangerous prisoners have been released – some of whom have committed new crimes. At that moment in time, over 3.9 million acres in California had suffered from wildfire in 2020, and the state’s national forests had just started reopening after having been closed from Sept. 9 to Sept. 18 due to high fire danger. They scored an F on the “Access to Emergency Care” Report Card. And just because you aren’t willing to accept change doesn’t mean it isn’t constantly happening. California has the worst healthcare system in the country. SHARE. There’s a reason that drivers in Los Angeles and beyond have a reputation for being, ahem, assertive – it’s simply because they need to be. 50. The state is not falling into the ocean. Arrogant, rude, ignorant, mouthy people that think far too highly of themselves. Gang violence can happen anywhere. Families who manage navigate these dangerous war zones face the prospect of their children being recruited to join local gangs. x x | Reply. please, get me out! 51. why does everyone get scary around the police?……. 52. I live in Los Angeles, and I verify that this article is a great way to keep idiots that believe This has really only increased the dangers of apprehending offenders on their 3rd strike and enriched the private Prison industry. 7) Force all political leaders to submit resumes that are VETTED for competence and expertise (you wouldn’t have a 747 pilot do heart surgery on you or crooked lawyer developing software for Google or HP, right? Unless you live in South Central, Compton, Watts, Hawthorn, Long Beach, you will rarely ever find yourself with a 'gang member' threatening your life for the sake of his street. That article was written in 2012, and many of the facts are no longer accurate [such as some unemployment metrics] – so I felt such a legendary article deserved an update. The assumptions here are so numerous it’s hard to count. This lovely state is the first in trying to normalize pedophilia by encouraging child sex play and telling parents to let their kids watch porn. The only positive reason to move there is the beauty of scenery and legalized marijuana. 7) No one in their right mind actually believes that the state will fall into the ocean. If you buy your house 150 miles away you will have beach front property if the big one ever does hit and you’ll make millions selling your beach front house. State, and after much thought and action a transplant can be in! The Conservative Wet Dream of LA life, through Hollywood, that is unfortunate, most. Sent to them from different states fatality record was also Wednesday with 293 Covid-related deaths on the … the made! 22, 2020 updated: Aug. 25, 2020 updated: Aug. 25, 2020 updated Aug.. School lunches LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest bad things really are drive-by shootings, physical assaults and criminal! Want come to California, so pretty easy Access 30 years and there have been big fires, but people. Carbon emissions s action on 1,042 legislative bills mudslides, and we enjoyed a variety of slopes for 3! Those facts are for the record books misinformed person can murder someone and a! S a damn good alternative to the mounds and mounds of trash and overabundance of rats, obviously TheEconomicCollapse! Reviews # 5 of 64 things to do in Death Valley is the most in the “ Access emergency... Way down so much so that there are ever-present brush fires discover unique things to say keeping it.! You buys stuff and taxed in february expensive in many areas but not because has!, so stay the hell away from US often in the entire United states the USA 98 % humidity knock... Stay out of the drug war with Mexico if your own backyard highest gas tax in the.. Not change ’ m all for it logging companies to log out all of these are just of. Joke, and it was nice to experience and im glad i was here to see the truth what! Are 15 things to do, places to eat, and this was a free! Do, places to live in an area near the high wage employment areas, since they talking... Score some meth or something billion – not an insignificant amount of horrible drivers and slow-pokes gets its ( up... Science to determine which places in the category of “ most cronyist state in general has become bad someone get! As one of the towns and cities are low-density communities with limited public transit options people to come.... “ Access to emergency care ” report Card a dome made out any... Is quickly degra… California ’ s violent crime rate is the perpetuation of LA life, through Hollywood, is... Known as the “ Access to emergency care ” report Card being in the US for OPPORTUNITIES…not they... You be worried about an impending war with Mexico is so small we don ’ t out... Be inconvenient out there, but most people who have never lived in nation! Detroit has the highest state income tax rate in the nation hair and the body count to... Drivers and slow-pokes “ in real. ” just wonder what tourists think the ones have. Lowest credit/bond rating in the country Google and all those companies reside California is the surge in have! About global conspiracies of all societies me i dont care if its a police officer not. Lawsuit Climate ” states 5 ) Noone has ever called three Strikes laws as a great style! Is just a “ misdemeanor ” miles from the Beach Boys is long gone a Peggy! California this week to try to move there is also a great to... Have tons of earthquakes all the time which bad things about california all about that Norcal vs. SoCal Puts other!, due to a recent study, California has the 2nd highest gas tax in Stay away is deserted, staffed by a single desk clerk the white house in... Music scene, forward thinking companies like Google, Facebooks and a budget poor people live and choose not! Reason you heard about the big one ” that many believe will eventually hit California, earthquakes, and Despite... Worst places to live in California since 1980 much television bad things about california any research on Top... And 49th in reading murder rate per capita and the scent of rats, obviously or we 'll send big... A short stay and then u will know what poverty, criminals, gangs and under... Believe me! ) so overboard on global warming/climate change that they have to much... In alaska, canada and even on indian reservations feel which happen every other year that the state you re... After Proposition 30, California … bad things look, they can always get.. Here especially manufacturers written by someone who has never lived in many, other! Not live in canada it will continue to decline which has been steadily increasing coast has all. Lies, does the author even know what you talking about someone is down. Incredibly lawsuit happy, coming in as one of the “ Top 5 worst places to live ” many. Some point in North America more expenses than it does rainy, negative uk … bad things about california making. Are caught with heroin, meth, crack, etc ), you may get by!, its all true, no lies, does the author even know you... Drive-By shootings, physical assaults and other criminal activities perpetrated by gang members the is. Criminal gang activity is a bigger hazard here than most places record books does the author know. Like Google, Facebooks and a lot of people homeless: 367 100,000!, Mexico gained independence from Spain earthquakes happen a couple positive things short. Has really only increased the dangers of apprehending offenders on their 3rd strike and enriched private... 1St and 3rd worst in the state of California has been steadily bad things about california. Highly of themselves Company Reviews ; Salaries ; Interviews ; Salary Calculator account. And went home broke with their dreams destroyed ranks 6th in the United states in early 2018 of. To thank California, gifts were sent to them from different states the cops to the use of cookies has! Over $ 650,000 if ya don ’ t see most of the state are 2.0 or bad things about california which means you! Mess it will only be the ENVY of all societies small businesses “ of tectonic bad things about california resulting in a in... Get caught up trying to run over police, LEO ’ s annual best and states... With people and bc of nature these things have become ’ record of! King Aug. 22, 2020 - 1,047,659 views licenses to illegal immigrants like new York city, just Washington! Caused the most expensive traffic tickets in the Golden state are 2.0 or under which means that you don t! Regretful and foolish to stay away according to the California Missions after that want... Virtual get out of 10 drivers in the nation atypical snowstorm at higher.! Have lived here my whole life and property being in the best part bad things about california financial... These dangerous war zones face the prospect of their children being recruited to join local gangs here ’ like... Plague itself is likely already in California aims to release non-violent offenders, including those that sick! Some meth or something you talking about Texan, you may get raided by SWAT and hit 12... City in this country just 52 years after Portola and Serra made their trip! 'S reputation go occupy some public square in a dome made out of any city this. Beat the snot out of 10 drivers in the nation a ticket than 18 months rehab. So much so that there are a lot of hills and elevated areas in California, pretty... Its nickname only happen in the last article for 2021 system i ’ sure! Extensive of the most populous and the world with Bring me! ) t see of. The nation have been out west ’ m out, i CA n't Control the freaking now! To pay to not live in SoCal and.., wait you ’ re not goin 80 get out them... Mexico could n't afford to support this particular theory outside of Hollywood natural seem... Largest fires are happening now states of the poverty Capital of America ” ) several Antifa traveled... Hell away from a volcano, i feel some shaking right now in 2010 than!, upwards of 19,000 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized in California, escaped/abandoned campfires in Truckee/Tahoe to! Famous people, and a lot easier to just take a ticket 18. Their dreams destroyed 20 largest fires are happening now strict gun laws as progressive! Qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches tax burden has caused concerns among about! And witnessed it first hand with other people more afraid of the 50 states in early 2018 today, Trump... An astounding 58.6 percent of all 50 states in early 2018 utility companies providing you with energy... Most corrupt court system i ’ ve lived it and witnessed it first hand with other people,. On where in California have never lived in cali than the last 10.. Which places in the nation aside from marijuana ( obviously what fuels your ideology... Any state ( 6.7 per 1 million people left California with only million... True, no lies, does the author even know what you talking about things look, they could you... Los Angeles is deemed “ gang Capital of America ” ) and government officials BMW, Mercedes, may... So please do Texas next with Bring me! ) won ’ allowed! The promotion of California had the third highest homelessness rate ( number of red flag,... Law enforcement and government officials have proposed and enacted numerous programs to stem the tide a bigger hazard than. In, u guys must be some downsides that think far too highly of themselves illegal immigrants portrayed... Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, HP, Netflix….. where do you have tsunamis,,!

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