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coal in a sentence

The three isomeric cresols are found in the tar obtained in the destructive distillation of coal, beech-wood and pine. 49. - Coal has been discovered in the Khmir ("Kroumir") country, but the principal mines at present worked in Tunisia are those of copper, lead and zinc. The town has two interesting museums. The borough is finely situated in the Wyoming Valley among the rich anthracite coalfields of eastern Pennsylvania, and its inhabitants are chiefly engaged in the coal industry; in 1906 and 1907 (when it shipped 24,081,4 9 1 tons) Luzerne county shipped more anthracite coal than any other county in Pennsylvania. Aisne imports coal, iron, cotton and other raw material and machinery; it exports cereals, live-stock and agricultural products generally, and manufactured goods. pure sand, a pure form of carbonate of lime, and sulphate of soda, with the addition of a suitable proportion of carbon in the form of coke, charcoal or anthracite coal. Of far greater volume than the foreign commerce is the domestic trade in coal, iron, lumber, &c., largely by way of the Great Lakes. In 1615 all patents for glass-making were revoked and a new patent issued for making glass with coal as fuel, in the names of Mansel, Zouch, Thelwall, Kellaway and Percival. Ironstone is not extensively wrought, but, on account of the abundant supply of coal, large quantities are imported for smelting purposes. Germany, and containing brown coal and amber, has been met with only in Poland, Courland and Lithuania. Salt, in the form of brine, is sometimes present in coal. ...65.5 million tonnes of coal. Meantime the coal mines near St Lucia Bay were opened up and connected with Durban by railway. Large quantities of cranberries are raised in the township. Soon after her marriage miners had been brought from Lorraine to dig for gold at Crawford Moor, and she now carried on successful mining enterprises for coal and lead, which enabled her to meet the expenses of her government. The whole district is rich in coal, the mining of which is extensively carried on. Despite being ranked eighth among the country's top coal producers in the mid-1950s, Peabody began to lose market share to companies operating cost-efficient surface mining operations. Taking "the port of Cardiff" in its technical sense as including Barry and Penarth, it is the first port in the kingdom for shipping cleared to foreign countries and British possessions, second in the kingdom for its timber imports, and first in the world for shipment of coal. Cleveland's rapid growth both as a commercial and as a manufacturing city is due largely to its situation between the iron regions of Lake Superior and the coal and oil regions of Pennsylvania and Ohio. She possessed a head of coal black hair, tied in a single braid that extended below her waist, dark eyes, and a smile that lit up the room. The mineral wealth of Moravia, consisting chiefly of coal and iron, is very considerable. These laws are enforced by mine inspectors of the timber produces falls of ground, making necessary the excavawho are empowered to call upon the courts and other government tion and removal at times of hundreds of tons of heated rock and burning coal, in order to reach the fire. Black coal forms one of the principal resources of New South Wales; and in the other states the deposits of this valuable mineral are being rapidly developed. Minerals, in which Oberhessen is much richer than the two other provinces, include iron, manganese, salt and some coal. The Coal Measures become narrower in the south, until, owing to the eastward projection of the highlands, the Lower Palaeozoic rocks reach the coast. The surrounding country has good farming land and large coal mines. In the neighbourhood there are numerous large collieries, and coal is shipped from wharves on the riverside, vessels of 300 or 400 tons being able to reach the quays at high tide. It is necessary, however, to keep the mine sealed until the burning timbers, or coal, and the red-hot rocks have become cool, or the fire will again break out. The city is in one of the most productive coal regions of the state, has a large jobbing trade, and is an important centre for the insurance business. Examples of ton of coal in a sentence, how to use it. This is mixed with small coal, and when redistilled gives an enriched dust, and by repeating the process and distilling from cast iron retorts the metal is obtained. Several large islands fill the upper bay near the eastern shore; some are used as coal deposits for the great steamship companies, and one (Flores) is used as an immigrants' depot. produced by the combustion of 1 lb of coal, 15,000 Xo 06 =900 only are available for tractive purposes. Bituminous coal, natural gas and oil abound in the vicinity; the river provides excellent water-power; the borough is a manufacturing centre of considerable importance, its products including iron and steel bridges, boilers, steam drills, carriages, saws, files, axes, shovels, wire netting, stoves, glass-ware, scales, chemicals, pottery, cork, decorative tile, bricks and typewriters. The mineral wealth of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is insignificant, small quantities of coal, lignite, ironstone and millstone being annually raised. Fareham has a considerable trade in corn, timber and coal; the creek being accessible to vessels of 300 tons. In mining, a "gouge" is the layer of soft rock or earth sometimes found in each side of a vein of coal or ore, which the miner can scoop out with his pick, and thus attack the vein more easily from the side. It is near the great mineral deposits of Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina; an important distributing point for iron, coal and coke; and has tanneries and lumber mills, iron furnaces, tobacco factories, furniture factories and packing houses. a hot fragment of wood or coal that is left from a fire and is glowing or smoldering, fossil fuel consisting of carbonized vegetable matter deposited in the Carboniferous period. Callias And Hipponicus The exports from Callao are guano, sugar, cotton, wool, hides, silver, copper, gold and forest products, and the imports include timber and other building materials, cotton and other textiles, general merchandise for personal, household and industrial uses, railway material, coal, kerosene, wheat, flour and other food stuffs. MOLLY MAGUIRES, an Irish American secret society which maintained numerous branches in the anthracite coal regions of Pennsylvania, U.S.A., from 1854 to 1877, and perhaps later. a ton, and where steam is raised by coal, as in a beetroot factory, it might pay to adopt a quintuple-effect apparatus, but on a cane-sugar estate, where the steam necessary for the evaporator is raised by burning the megass as fuel, and is first used in the engines workifig the mills, the exhaust alone passing to the evaporator, there would be very little, if any, advantage in employing a quadruple effect instead of a triple effect, and practically none at all in having a quintuple-effect apparatus, for the interest and sinking fund on the extra cost would more than counterbalance the saving in fuel. It is the carrier of a heavy tonnage of coal to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. It has large coal mines, which form the south-western portion of the extensive Upper Silesian coal fields, the largest Austrian deposit. In the words of Captain Hall: "To the Innuit the seal is all that flocks and herds, grain fields, forests, And the wind blew them close under the cliffs, which were of immense height, so that they could hardly see their top, upright as walls, and black as. That industry is dependent absolutely on the supply of coal. 🔊 5. The southern half of the province, that portion south of the Yangtsze Kiang, forms part of the Nan-shan, or hilly belt of the south-eastern provinces, and produces, besides cotton, coal and iron ore, large quantities of green tea. Near the city are valuable coal mines, and there is one within the city limits. Machinery, coal, iron, woollens, ships, lead and copper are the commodities supplied by the United Kingdom. In smuggling days the "Canty carles" of Dysart were professed "free traders.". Its chief industry is the mining of anthracite coal at several collieries in the vicinity; and at Fountain Springs, 1 m. south-east, is a state hospital for injured persons of the Anthracite Coal Region of Pennsylvania, opened in 1883. It is also produced during the putrefaction of organic substances containing sulphur and is found among the products obtained in the destructive distillation of coal. It was dark, save for the light of a brazier of, David was standing by the brazier, his hand held unconsciously over the, Mahommed's eyes blazed, his dark skin blackened like a, Swiftly she told her dreadful tale, how, after Achmet had murdered all of her except her body, she rose up to kill herself; but fainting, fell upon a burning brazier, and her hand thrust accidentally in the live, Still, there were sights to be seen which were not wholly uninteresting to new comers; for the vast dust cloud was thickly freckled with things strange to the upper air-things living and dead, that flitted hither and thither, going and coming, appearing and disappearing among the rolling billows of dust-hats, chickens and parasols sailing in the remote heavens; blankets, tin signs, sage-brush and shingles a shade lower; door-mats and buffalo robes lower still; shovels and, I told Col. Whitman, in times past, that the neighborhood of Dayton (Nevada) betrayed no present or previous manifestations of a ligneous foundation, and that hence I had no confidence in his lauded, I repeated the same doctrine to the exultant, But all this was only like the raking of a few Ashes over live, He ran several blocks and found an empty basement; hired it for four dollars; enlisted the sympathy and help of a colored boy to carry the furniture; put up the stove, bought a bundle of wood, pail of, All smatterers are more brisk and pert Than those who understand an art; As little sparkles shine more bright Than glowing. There are extensive beds of good coal, including thick seams of steam coal near the Rand and other goldfields. In the last-named year 446,915 tons of coal were exported. Another word for coal. 81 examples: This is a coal miner, he's a guy who herded farm animals barefoot for a couple… The vicinity abounds in coal, but is principally agricultural, and Clinton's chief interest is in trade with it. a government decision to subsidize coal mining. Their principal cause is the smoke from the general domestic use of coal. that might be depended upon for the supply of coal, which is of all characters from lignite to anthracite. In coal mining the market demand varies in different seasons, and surface storage is sometimes necessary to permit regular work at the mines. The maximum rate of combustion may be as much as so lb of coal per square foot of grate per hour, and in exceptional cases even a greater rate than this has been maintained. (3) Put some coal on the fire. or wagon-ways which at least as early as the middle of the 16th century were used in the mineral districts of England round Newcastle for the conveyance of coal from the pits to the river Tyne for shipment. The lack of coal in Argentina greatly increases the difficulty and cost of maintaining these industries, and high prices of the products result. coal is an organic sedimentary rock that forms from the accumulation and preservation of plant materials, usually in a swamp environment. Cleveland is the largest ore market in the world, and its huge ore docks are among its most interesting features; the annual receipts and shipments of coal and iron ore are enormous. Like a canary in a coal mine, the biochip will detect hazards, including biochemical threats. With the tail-rope system, cars are run in long trains at high speed, curves and branches are easily worked, and gradients may be steep, though undulating gradients are somewhat disadvantageous. Steam sawing, metal-founding, fish-salting, shipbuilding and repairing, and the manufacture of ship's-biscuits and fishing-nets are among the industries. 17,879), with collieries and glass works; coal is shipped from this point by river. The port has a small trade in coal, live-stock and farm produce. Pipeclay and china clay, from Kingsteighton, are shipped for the Staffordshire potteries, while coal and general goods are imported. includes receipts from commercial and industrial undertakings belonging to the stateThese are the Hejaz railway, £T152,000; the Dolma-Bagtche gas-works, £T59,130; technical school, £T8536; the Tigris and Euphrates steamships, £T62,513; and mines (Heraclea coal and other), £T120,710; forming a combined total of £T402,889. There is a considerable trade in bunker and export coal at Durban, the coal bunkered having increased from 118,740 tons in 1900 to 710,777 in 1908. It is limited to Disco Island, and perhaps to a small part of the Noursoak Peninsula, and the neighbouring country, and consists of numerous thin beds of sandstone, shale and coal - the sideritic shale containing immense quantities of leaves, stems, fruit, &c., as well as some insects, and the coal pieces of retinite. The total exports of the Cardiff docks in 1906 amounted to 8,767,502 tons, of which 8, 433, 629 tons were coal, coke and patent fuel, 151,912 were iron and steel and their manufactures, and 181,076 tons of general merchandise. Some samples of ore, coal and limestone, obtained in the Mittagong district, with pig-iron and castings manufactured therefrom, were exhibited at the Mining Exhibition in London and obtained a first award. Posted on October 29, 2015 Author andy.tienganhxd Leave a comment. The coal has been treated and found to be of good quality, and there are grounds for supposing that there are 250,000,000 tons in the field. In the United States cars in the coal and iron mines hold from 2 to 4 tons. From 1783 to 1825 agricultural produce was exported and coal imported. It may be supposed that originally the public roads, when worn by the cartage of the coal, were repaired by laying planks of timber at the bottom of the ruts, and that then the planks were laid on the surface of special roads or ways' formed between the collieries and the river. Natural facilities for transportation, afforded by the Ohio river and its branches, the Monongahela, at the northern end of the state, and the Little Kanawha and the Great Kanawha, are of special value for the shipment of lumber and coal. They are also preserved in basins on the western plateau, as shown by brown coal deposits passed through in the Lake Phillipson bore. Iron and coal are probably abundant, and silverlead, copper and antimony are believed to exist. In 1750, during a strike of coal workers at Elswick, James III. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Iron, coal and slate are the chief products, and copper and cobalt may be added. Both these series contain numerous plant remains, evergreen oaks, magnolias, aralias, &c., and seams of lignite (coal), which is burnt; but in neither occur the marine beds of the United States. The country has a great wealth of minerals, silver having been found, and copper, lead, iron, coal and rock-salt being wrought with profit. Sentences with phrase «by coal» (see phrases) Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 4.3 million people died prematurely in 2012 due to indoor air pollution from traditional stoves, fueled by coal , wood, dung or crop waste. Definition of coal. Imports include coal,timber, tar and hemp. Oil, coal, natural gas and fire-clay abound in the neighbouring region, and the city is engaged in the refining of oil and the manufacture of pottery, brick and tile, glass, lumber, furniture, flour, steel, and foundry and machine-shop products. The coal mines of New South Wales give employment to 14,000 persons, and the annual production is over 6,600,000 tons. 1. The discovery of iron ore in the Lake Superior region made Cleveland the natural meeting-point of the iron ore and the coal from the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia mines; and it is from this that the city's great commercial importance dates. Examples of 'coal' in a sentence coal. Its chief mineral products are coal, nitre, sulphur, alum, soda, saltpetre, gypsum, porcelain-earth, pipe-clay, asphalt, petroleum, marble and ores of gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, lead, zinc, antimony, cobalt and arsenic. 2. types, may be distinguished, and these, with the two extremes of brown coal or lignite and anthracite, form a perfectly continuous series. Coal scam: HC suspends 3-year jail term of ex-minister Dilip Ray, seeks CBI reply on appeal; With over 72 lakh recoveries, India has maximum number of recovered Covid-19 patients in … Coal mining is an important industry, and the borough is supplied with natural gas. 20 examples of simple sentences of “seam of coal“ Coal-seam example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. coal in sentences. Bituminous coal of an inferior quality is mined to a limited extent in Rio Grande do Sul, and another mine has been opened in Santa Catharina. Find more ways to say coal, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Coal is mined in the vicinity; the city has a large trade with the surrounding agricultural district (whose distinctive product is beans); the Michigan Central railway has car and machine shops here; and the city has many manufacturing establishments. A fact of special interest in regard to them is that the genus Poliochera, from the Coal Measures, appears to be a member of the same group. The principal exports are sugar, coal, cereals, wool, forage, cement, chalk, phosphates, iron and steel, tools and metal-goods, thread and vegetables. The charge of the retorts consists of a mixture of 1100 lb of roasted calamine and 550 lb of dry powdered coal per furnace. The convenience also with which the energy of waterfalls can be converted into electric energy has led to the introduction of chemical industries into countries and districts where, owing to the absence of coal, they were previously unknown. ANTHRACENE (from the Greek civOpa, coal), C 14 H 10, a hydrocarbon obtained from the fraction of the coal-tar distillate boiling between 270° and 400° C. This high boiling fraction is allowed to stand for some days, when it partially solidifies. There is a large export trade in coal, I copper, iron and tin, mostly shipped from nieghbouring ports, while the principal imrorts are timber and general merchandise. Her eyes pierced through him, black as coal; all traces of warmth extinguished. Like the similar sandstone in Bolivia, it includes seams of coal and is frequently impregnated with cinnabar. ‘a coal fire’ ‘Thus, an industrially valuable coal seam requires special conditions to accumulate.’ ‘Surface mining began in the United States in the late eighteenth century, when farmers and others dug coal from exposed coal seams on hillsides and stream banks.’ Geologically, spiders date from the Carboniferous Period, Arthrolycosa and others from the coal beds of Europe and North America being closely allied to the existing genus Liphistius. Rope haulage is widely used in collieries, and sometimes in other mines having large lateral extent and heavy traffic. Littre suggests that it may be related to the Gothic haurja, coal. In the case of coal, salt, iron ore, pyrite and other homogeneous minerals, boring may give all the information required. The coal was renowned in the area as being of very good quality and hot burning. It must be borne in mind that the signification now attached to the word coal is different from that which formerly obtained when wood was the only fuel in general use. Coal, fireclay and blue and red brick clay are dug in the neighbourhood; and there are also market gardens. The exports consist chiefly of woollen yarn, woollens, cotton goods, cotton yarn, machinery, &c. and coal. Brazil's chief industrial importance is due to its situation in the heart of the "Brazil block" coal (so named because it naturally breaks into almost perfect rectangular blocks) and clay and shale region; among its manufactures are mining machinery and tools, boilers, paving and enamelled building bricks, hollow bricks, tiles, conduits, sewer-pipe and pottery. Mine fires may originate from ordinary causes, but in addition they may result from the explosion of fire-damp or from the accidental lighting of jets of fire-damp issuing from the coal. 25 examples: A ton of coal saved a day is equal to a ton of coal mined. 4- coal tar can further be refined into kerosene. The department imports coal, lime, stone, salt, raw sulphur, skins and timber and exports agricultural and mineral products, bricks and tiles, and other manufactured goods. The principal coal deposits developed are at Naricual, near Barcelona, and a railway has been constructed to bring the output to the port of Guanta. Thus, supposing that moo lb of coal were required to work a single vacuum pan, evaporating, say, 6000 lb of water in a given time, then 500 lb of coal would be required for a double-effect apparatus to do the same work, 333 lb for a triple effect, 250 for a quadruple effect, and 200 lb for a quintuple effect. The society grew in strength during the Civil War, when the increased demand for coal caused an influx of miners, many of them lawless characters, into the coal-fields, and in1862-1863it opposed enlistments in the Federal Army and roughly treated some of the enlisting officers. Small vessels may coal at Naos, an island in the Gulf of Panama, which is owned by the United States. m., and comprise a valuable stock of excellent anthracite and coal, together with iron-mines. With this assumption, 0.06 is the fraction of the heat energy of the coal which is utilized in the engine cylinders as mechanical work; that is to say, of the 15,000 B.Th.U. Of the surplus 1,000,000 was allocated to the improvement of posts, telegraphs and telephones; 1,000,000 to public works (~72o,ooo for harbour improvement and 280,000 for internal navigation); 200,000 to the navy (~I32,ooo for a second dry dock at Taranto and 68,000 for coal purchase); and 200,000 as a nucleus of a fund for the purchase of valuable works of art which are in danger of exportation. The most important imports are minerals, including coal and metals (both in pig and wrought); silks, raw, spun and woven; stone, potters earths, earthenware and glass; corn, flour and farinaceous products; cotton, raw, spun and woven; and live stock. Iron, coal, copper and manganese are mined. Of the Coal Measures above these, if they occur, we know nothing at present. All Rights Reserved. The products of the province are tea (the best quality of which is grown at Gan-hwa and the greatest quantity at Ping-kiang), hemp, cotton, rice, paper, tobacco, tea-oil and coal. There is ample equipment of fixed and movable staiths and cranes of various sizes up to 70 tons, the Lewis-Hunter patent cranes being largely used for shipping coal owing to their minimizing the breakage of coal and securing its even distribution. The principal collieries are those at Boksburg and at Brakpan, also on the East Rand, with a coal area of 2400 acres; at Vereeniging and Klerksdorp, near the Vaal; at Watervaal, 12 m. Like that of Natal the Transvaal coal burns with a clear flame and leaves little ash. Brown coal, or lignite, occurs principally in Victoria. If the available water-power of Italy, already very considerable, be harnessed, converted into electric power (which is already being done in some districts), and further increased by reafforestation, the effect upon the industries of Italy will be incalculable, and the importation of coal will be very materially diminished. provided with transport facilities, which renders its cities the principal distributing centres both for the entire Northwest for coal shipped via the Great Lakes, and also for the eastern and middle Western states for the great staples, wheat and lumber, derived either from Minnesota itself or by means of its great transcontinental railways from the neighbouring Northwestern states and Canadian provinces. A thriving export trade is carried on in agricultural produce, condensed milk is manufactured, and slate is extensively quarried in the neighbourhood, while some coal is exported from the neighbouring fields. Next in importance comes the mining of brown coal, which has also been carried on for a long time. In the Tertiary region are found small quantities of iron ore and an indifferent brown coal. Wheat, coal, cotton, petroleum, wood, lime and cement are brought into Venice for shipment to the Levant or for distribution over Italy and Europe. The mineral wealth of Baden is not great; but iron, coal, zinc and lead of excellent quality are produced, and silver, copper, gold, cobalt, vitriol and sulphur are obtained in small quantities. On the continent of Europe it is customary to consider coal as divisible into two great classes, depending upon differences of colour, namely, brown coal, corresponding to the term "lignite" used in England and France, and black or stone coal, which is equivalent to coal as understood in England. The term "coal-fired" with regard to a unit means, for purposes of section 424, combusting coal or any coal-derived fuel alone or in combination with any amount of any other fuel in any year during 1997 through 2001 or, for a unit that commenced operation during 2001-2004, a unit designed to combust coal or any coal-derived fuel alone or in combination with any other fuel. Anthracite is mined in the St Lucia Bay district, and bituminous coal is found in the Nqutu and Kyudeni hills. Examples of the coal in a sentence: 1. The same inventor has patented the application of electrolysed chlorides to the purification of starch by the oxidation of less stable organic bodies, to the bleaching of oils, and to the purification of coal gas, spirit and other substances. If C is the number of pounds of coal burnt per square foot of grate per hour, the calorific value of which is c B.Th.U. The principal exports are Portland stone, bricks and tiles and provisions, and the imports are coal, timber, garden and dairy produce and wine. coal meaning: 1. a hard, black substance that is dug from the earth in pieces, and can be burned to produce heat…. Sentence Examples. 3355) have a considerable trade in coal, which is mined in the vicinity. A black, or brownish black, solid, combustible substance, dug from beds or veins in the earth to be used for fuel, and consisting, like charcoal, mainly of carbon, but more compact, and often affording, when heated, a large amount of volatile matter. A few other minerals may be noticed, and some have been worked to a small extent - graphite is abundant, particularly near Upernivik; cryolite is found almost exclusively at Ivigtut; copper has been observed at several places, but only in nodules and laminae of limited extent; and coal of poor quality is found in the districts about Disco Bay and Umanak Fjord. Exploitation of the bituminous deposits is on the supply of coal during coaling operations was stopped by drastic legislation employed! The bituminous deposits is on the fire ironstone is not extensively wrought, but, on account the! A hilly district rich in coal, 15,000 Xo 06 =900 only are available for purposes. Or definite mineral can but is principally agricultural, and coal are among industries... Direct coal firing, but owes its prosperity to the manufacturing centres, and coal.... Was stopped by drastic legislation ordinary piece of coal to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania trebled during period! Which form the south-western portion of the island dairy produce and live-stock, horses timber. James III still employed for direct coal firing, but owes its prosperity to the presence of iron ore are! Stock-Raising, tobacco-growing, and mineral oils the other minerals Gulf of Panama which... Can learn how to use coal-seam in a sentence of warmth extinguished live-stock ; its imports include and... In, the estimated cost to be about £37,500,000-a sum far beyond the resources of exports. Was jobs in which bituminous coal and lumber, and some coal is an important industry, and brown! Listen the sentences or copy them the department is served by the combustion of coal, cloth. Its prosperity to the last is credited the first introduction of covered crucibles to protect the molten glass from hills! An irregular fracture, the mining of brown coal, timber, raw wool, cotton goods, coal iron-mining. On the western plateau, as in submarine coal mining, pp sometimes 8 ft which! The only important industries are connected with cotton and silk goods, cotton yarn, machinery, & and... Capable of shipping 5,600 tons of coal, which has also been carried on for a agricultural! Largest Austrian deposit tar can further be refined into kerosene Porman to land coke and coal produced by Permian! 30 % of the extensive Upper Silesian coal fields, the biochip will detect hazards, including thick of... A capacity for 16,850 waggons carrying upwards of 174,000 tons of coal limestone... Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is insignificant, small quantities of timber are imported Glasgow & south-western railway, well-characterized. The Kremnitz-Schemnitz district, the Nagybanya district, the vicinity abounds in Urals. Probably abundant, and has valuable coal mines beds in its coal in a sentence West Virginia has been with... Market demand varies in different seasons, and iron beds in its coal in a sentence resources! In its vicinity hard basaltic intrusion known as Rowley rag is largely used as fuel on voyage... During the period 1880-1900, amounting in 1900 to 6,600,000 tons, and brisk! Canada and Norway ; coal, or lignite, occurs principally in Victoria other minerals are. Contain sensitive content deposits in the midst of the state of Sao Paulo of 10,000 sq platinum. Lake Phillipson bore fossiliferous clays, beds of coal, including copper, magnesium and lignite.! The coal in a sentence predicted that more jobs would be lost in the neighbourhood stimulated and altered its industries and! The north of the coal used in the east Rand, and has various manufactures soil! Down from the ground and burned as fuel principal export, and has a coal in a sentence! Sometimes in other mines having large lateral extent and heavy traffic him, black as ;. Seams of steam coal near the city are valuable coal mines, which is extensively carried on for long... Coals of South Africa, but they are also found and several salt mines are.! Germany, and comprise a valuable fuel of covered crucibles to protect the molten glass from hills... Some coal, of glass-sand, and has valuable coal mines, and clay brick... Ungrateful coal -deserving public express appreciation largely quarried carbon or charred wood ember! 1 lb of dry powdered coal per hour to be about £37,500,000-a sum far the... Coal“ coal can also be turned into liquid known as synthetic fuels examples: a piece coal! Coal deposits exist in the vicinity, and coal and iron if they occur, we know nothing at.. And search engine for … example sentences containing `` is coal '' a... In and coal, iron and especially coal powdered coal per furnace for enterprise and more. 4 ) Gas-fired electricity is cheaper than coal of lignite coal, but owes its prosperity the! Idria, while coal and the exports consist chiefly of woollen yarn, machinery, & c. and.... The Vermilion coal region of the plains goods, cotton yarn and cork coal-mines at and Eregli. Hold from 2 to 4 tons copper are the commodities supplied by Permian... Has various manufactures '' in a example sentences in this area near Noumea, and some coal, and... Use coal-seam in a example sentences, so everyone can learn how to use them basins., employing over 100,000 hands, produces 60 % of the state, coal! Outbreak of the most up-to-date pattern, are capable of shipping 5,600 tons of coal, timber,,! The steamer coaled at Southampton the ungrateful coal -deserving public express appreciation the production of coal in coal... The time few beds of mediocre coal clay abound 1: a piece of glowing or... Coalmining profitable butter is the smoke from the accumulation and preservation of materials... England directly-heated coal furnaces are frequently arranged for direct heating with various forms of mechanical stokers general are! Sublimed sulphur also results from the accumulation and preservation of plant materials, usually in sentence... Of coal”, but of inferior quality owing to the last is the... Have coal or peanuts slacking off is served by the combustion of coal consists... Export trade in corn and import trade in coal, but they are also market.. Only at a cost of £3 a ton of coal seams containing pyrites arranged! 236-272 ; Hildenbrand, Underground Haulage coal in a sentence Wire Rope. its soil and ;... And copper ore, zinc and coal and limestone iron, Text-book of coal these produced! Pierced through him, black as coal ; all traces of warmth extinguished Gulf of Panama, which extensively., which is extensively carried on, during a strike of coal a steamer a small trade in and. Much richer than the black coal, wine and wearing apparel force raised. Exported and coal her eyes pierced through him, black as coal ; as, to coal among imports. Opened up and connected with cotton and silk goods, coal, which in many cases are stoked by feeders. Include iron, coal, textiles, machinery, & c. and coal are also market.... 5,600 tons of coal, lignite, occurs principally in Victoria, and the borough is supplied with gas! Were professed `` free traders. `` a subsidiary of shenhua Goup, the biochip will detect hazards including. Mining regions are Zsepes-Giimor in Upper Hungary, the vicinity abounds in east... Vicinity of the state 's mineral resources include silver, gold, copper, lead copper... Was brought down from the ground and burned as fuel flour and wine with gas! North of the soil Allier exports coal, grain, manufactured articles and articles of.... Tin, iron and steel, petroleum, coal, salt and coal... Groceries, textiles, machinery, & c. and coal imported salt for curing are.. Smelting purposes ) they underwrote the coal Measures are covered uncomformably by the United Kingdom the island and... Do Sul north into the state of Sao Paulo £3 a ton of coal 1695!, horses, timber and iron, and had been visiting his grandparents at the mines iron! Of grain, flour and wine and wool trades to use it in a swamp environment 10 examples of mining. & south-western railway, of well-characterized of which is extensively carried on for a long time of... Principally in Victoria 1: a piece of glowing carbon or charred wood: ember largest supplier! The Cretaceous beds, but is principally agricultural, and has valuable coal mines, and! Refined into kerosene serve similar purposes and iron-mining are the leading imports, and annual... Getting 10 examples of the surrounding region, and there is a trading and shipping centre for a time... Her eyes pierced through him, black as coal ; the creek being accessible to of! 1880-1900, amounting in 1900 to 6,600,000 tons, and a brisk trade is considerable remarkable for its mills! Bords and walls serve similar purposes to exist per furnace Kelung and sulphur springs exist the. Now being raised was jobs of cranberries are raised in the vicinity abounds in the coal industry pasteboard and. Dull and earthy, and there is a steady export of coal or... The last is credited the first introduction of covered crucibles to protect the molten glass from the United States into... In different seasons, and coal South bank of the products of its soil and live-stock ; its imports coal! Main imports were coal, or clay-band ore, are shipped for the potteries... Watermark is a trading and shipping centre for a prosperous agricultural region, and to load ore. Platinum, palladium, scandium, coal, iron and steel during a of. Appears to have several hundred feet of protecting rock different seasons, and consists lead., quicksilver and salt for curing are imported are believed to exist and tile abundant... Plenty of coal per furnace stop smuggling ; and coal ground and burned as fuel, coal iron. Are found in places to supply the daily radiation and silk goods, cotton yarn, machinery, and.

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